"Fascinating to the point of repeat viewings."

- Variety


  • Glenn Kenny
    N.Y. Times

    Distinctive and provocative. Adams produces work that is too prickly and individual to categorize. The aggregation of seemingly tossed-off scenes tightens like a noose.

  • Karina Longworth
    L.A. Weekly

    A must see. Wildly ambitious and overwhelming. A fresh-feeling sense of dystopian dread.

  • Dennis Harvey

    An arresting talent. Very different, period. Fascinating to the point of repeat viewings.

  • Lauren Baggett
    Screen Anarchy

    It's a sucker punch of a film, and its creator is a master in the making.

  • Jim Ridley
    Village Voice

    Micro in budget, macro in ambition, accomplishment, and scope. Prompts multiple viewings, and deserves them.

  • Mike D'Angelo
    A.V. Club

    So much more ambitious and intelligent and accomplished than the films that come out of Sundance every year.

  • Richard von Busack

    Adams understands all the tools of the cinema, such as the importance of the angle of light, the power of sound editing, the direction of a glance, the deft use of a blackout.

  • Fernando Croce

    An adventurous filmmaker continuing to push forward. His use of actors, light, editing rhythms, and sound design are all calibrated to the emotions on the screen.

  • Vadim Rizov
    Filmmaker Magazine

    Adams is playing on a whole other level.

  • Phillip Lopate
    N.Y. Times

    Poignant and engrossing. A very fine film which stays with me.

  • Ray Greene

    BABNIK marks Adams as a fresh directing talent. It’s a rousing success.

  • Charlie Olsky

    A true find. Beautifully realized. Every single moment of the story rings true, aided by uniformly excellent performances.